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Last Updated on 12 Sept. 2014, Total: 46 White Papers

11 Backup & Disaster Recovery 10 June 2014
5 Cloud Computing 20 June 2013
11 Desktop & Application Virtualization 12 Sept. 2014
5 Monitoring & Management 29 April 2013
2 Networking 29 April 2013
1 P2V & V2V 29 April 2013
3 Performance & Availability 27 May 2013
3 Security 13 June 2014
3 Server Virtualization / Hypervisors 20 May 2014
2 Storage 29 April 2013
  1. The virtualisation of desktops and applications to centralise the access patient records with ease and security

    Discover why one in three major hospitals have chosen the AppliDis Fusion 4 solution from Systancia... Read More

  2. The Ongoing Malware Threat

    The Ongoing Malware Threat: How Malware Infects Websites nd Harms Businesses — and What You Can Do to Stop It... Read More

  3. Desktop Virtualization and Storage Solutions Evolve to Support Mobile Workers and Consumer Devices

    IT and line-of-business leaders are investigating desktop virtualization because it can benefit both desktop operations and workforce productivity... Read More

  4. Accelerate your Success Through Virtualization

    Learn more about a unified solution for backup and recovery of your virtual environment... Read More

  5. Conquering the Top 5 Enterprise Data Protection Challenges

    Today's datacenters face a gauntlet of challenges including protection of physical and virtual environments, fast recovery of data, reducing backup times and storage requirements, server consolidation, and disaster recovery... Read More

  6. Taking the Leap to Vitualization

    Read this white paper to learn how virtualization offers dramatic benefits for midsize companies, including efficiency, cost savings, and increased reliability and performance... Read More

  7. Running Couchbase on AWS

    The paper includes a detailed discussion of Couchbase's Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) and shows you how to use it for disaster recovery and geographic replication... Read More

  8. Your Next Generation Data Center Starts with Virtualization

    Discover how your organization can tap into the long term value of server virtualization. This resource outlines strategies to get the most out of your virtual environment and how this investment can accelerate business growth... Read More

  9. The Case for Persistent Full Clones: A Better Alternative to Linked Clones for VDI

    A better alternative to linked clones for VDI... Read More

  10. Cloud optimize your IT with Windows Server 2012

    The heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS is Windows Server 2012, which delivers upon the promises of a modern data center... Read More

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