Application Virtualization

Last Updated on 12 March 2014, Total: 9 Products

Directory of application virtualization products, focusing on application streaming technologies.

  1. Citrix XenApp

    Citrix XenApp is the industry-leading solution for virtual application delivery, providing Windows apps as secure mobile services. With XenApp, IT can mobilize the business while reducing costs by centralizing control and security. With HDX technologies, XenApp gives users a native touch-enabled look-and-feel that is optimized for the type of device, as well as the network... Read More

  2. Spoon Studio

    Spoon Studio packages virtual applications that are easy to deploy and manage—no installs, dependencies, or conflicts. The interface is simple to use, with power for customization where you need it. Guided wizards easily create custom application packages, and pre-configured templates capture common applications in just a few clicks... Read More

  3. Altiris Software Virtualization Solution

    Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™ (SVS™) software is a revolutionary approach to software management. By placing applications and data into managed units called Altiris® Virtual Software Package™ (VSP™) formats, SVS lets you instantly activate, deactivate, or reset applications, thus avoiding conflicts between applications without altering the base Windows installation... Read More

  4. AppZero

    AppZero is a fast and flexible way to move server applications to and across any clouds or datacenter servers, without re-engineering, re-installation, or lock-in. AppZero makes complex Windows server applications moveable with one-click simplicity. Patented AppZero migration automates the extraction and movement of server-side applications to any cloud or machine in a fraction of the time required by other approaches... Read More

  5. Scense

    Scense provisions, configures and manages ready-to-use Windows applications in real-time, regardless of the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, throughout the entire landscape of physical and virtual desktops, laptops, terminal server sessions and unmanaged PC’s. The user gets a personalized workspace with applications, settings and data wherever they decide to logon... Read More

  6. Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)

    Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) transforms applications into centrally managed services that are never installed and don’t conflict with other applications. Virtual Applications leverage Windows standards for a consistent user experience. With App-V 5.0, virtual applications work more like traditionally installed applications. This means that users don’t have to change the way they use an application just because it’s virtual. It... Read More

  7. Numecent Cloudpaging

    Cloudpaging is a foundational technology framework and represents our vision to transform native software delivery, deployment and provisioning from the Cloud - public, private or on-premises. One of the benefits of cloudpaging is that it can reduce the digital delivery time of any native application by between 20x and 100x by pre-virtualizing the asset to be delivered... Read More

  8. UniPrint 7.0

    UniPrint solutions solve network printing and printer management issues enhancing usability, manageability and security in physical and virtual desktop environments. UniPrint universal printer driver eliminates printer driver incompatibility issues promoting consistently fast printing from anywhere to any printer using any client device. Its PDF generator optimizes bandwidth availability. Daily font replication and on-demand font caching enhance the portability of PDF,... Read More

  9. 2X VirtualDesktopServer

    2X VirtualDesktopServer helps companies experience the full benefits of desktop and application virtualization by improving desktop manageability, security, accessibility and performance. Lower your overall operating costs by delivering secure, centrally-managed access to virtual desktops (VDI) and applications hosted on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, ESX, and ESXi, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Citrix XenServer, Sun VirtualBox, Windows Remote Desktop Services/Windows Terminal Services and... Read More

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