Application Servers

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Comprehensive list of application serving software, focusing on products to be used in thin client computing.

  1. 2X Remote Application Server

    2X Remote Application Server delivers applications to any user, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device in use. For example, 2X RAS can deliver MS Office to your Chromebooks. Working remotely has never been easier. 2X RAS allows to leverage on the existing infrastructure, offering the possibility to mix and manage at the same time Citrix, Microsoft and... Read More

  2. Citrix XenApp

    Citrix XenApp is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. XenApp enables organizations to improve application management by centralizing applications in the datacenter to reduce costs, controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve... Read More

  3. Dell vWorkspace

    The vWorkspace is an enterprise virtual desktop and application delivery solution for the VMware Virtual Infrastructure and the Microsoft Windows Terminal Server platforms - embracing and extending both to deliver highly resilient and scalable on-demand desktop deployment and application delivery for enterprises worldwide. The Quest Software vWorkspace is the only commercially available solution delivering the most comprehensive feature-set to consolidate... Read More

  4. IBM Websphere

    Using virtualization, IBM WebSphere Application Server offers customers the ability to consolidate numerous applications onto the same infrastructure. The addition of VMWare ESX Server offers even greater levels of isolation and protection for multiple workloads on the same physical server, while allowing customers to take a scale-out approach on SMP systems. The combination of IBM WebSphere Application Server and VMWare... Read More

  5. Scale Computing HC3

    The Scale Computing HC3 system is designed to deliver the benefits of virtualization without the need for a NAS or SAN storage layer. A HC3 system contains server virtualization software on every node with access to a single pool of storage that spans multiple HC3 nodes, but always looks like local storage to the hypervisor on each HC3 node. HC3... Read More

  6. Puppet Enterprise

    Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud. Puppet Enterprise automates tasks at any stage of the IT infrastructure lifecycle, including: discovery, provisioning, OS & app configuration management, orchestration, and reporting... Read More

  7. VMware vCenter Orchestrator

    VMware vCenter Orchestrator helps automate IT service delivery and integrates the VMware vCloud Suite with the rest of your cloud management systems. Build workflows quickly and with greater flexibility for automated server provisioning. Provide scalable workflow performance and version control. Launch workflows directly from within the VMware vSphere client or via various triggering mechanisms... Read More

  8. AppliDis Fusion 4

    AppliDis Fusion 4 can deliver applications and desktops as a service. Applications and virtual desktops are managed and deployed through a web-based console. Based on the RDP protocol within Windows RDS (formerly Windows TS) and compatible with the main hypervisors on the market (Hyper-V, ESX, ESXi, Virtualcenter), AppliDis Fusion 4 has the ability to virtualise all your applications or your... Read More

  9. Oracle Application Server

    Oracle Application Server 10g Enterprise Edition is an application platform suite (APS) that offers a solution for developing, integrating, and deploying all of your enterprise's applications, portals, and Web sites. Enterprise Edition combines business integration, J2EE performance, and capabilities for enterprise portal, real-time business activity monitoring, business intelligence, identity management, and wireless deployment... Read More

  10. Thinworx

    THINWORX is a server based computing solution that is scaled to provide organizations of various sizes with enterprise grade access to business applications. Capabilities such as dynamic load balancing, application usage tracking / control, secure communication and web portal interface are part of the THINWORX feature set, therefore enhancing the core functionality and management offered by Microsoft Terminal Services... Read More

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