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13 Application Virtualization
24 Backup & Recovery
31 Free Tools
13 High Availability
9 Hypervisors
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21 Security
16 Storage Virtualization
19 VDI
  1. V-Commander

    A centralized management and control system for VMs that provides traceability, automation and policy enforcement for VM assets throughout their lifecycle, whether online or offline. Complimentary to Virtual Center (VC), V-Commander is a product that provides oversight, automation, policy enforcement and audit across multiple VCs. Unique identifiers on VMs, combined with a policy engine provides VM identify management, auditable granular... Read More

  2. VistaInsight

    VistaInsight for Servers, a core component of InfoVista's Data Center Optimization solutions, provides: Unified visibility presenting the health of all servers -- physical and virtual -- through one top-down management console with flexible grouping by application, OS, business group, customer, geography, and more; Vendor-agnostic data collection utilizing any common agents or agentless data collection capabilities already deployed in the environment;... Read More

  3. PrimeAlert for VMware ESX Server

    Halcyon PrimeAlert for VMware ESX Server monitors the overall health, performance, and availability of the VMware ESX Server and each of the virtual machines... Read More

  4. Virtual Solution Box

    Virtual Solution Box (VSB) is an integrated solution for backup, replication and restore of virtual infrastructures. VSB offers full backup and incremental replication of virtual machines. Versioned backups can be restored in case of a data loss, replicated virtual machines can be started on a standby ESX server, reducing the time for recovery. VSB is the basis for a disaster... Read More

  5. CiRBA

    CiRBA software provides analyses all of the critical constraints required for server consolidation. CiRBA presents this analysis in a visual map outlining optimal consolidation and/or virtualization opportunities. CiRBA's analysis and visualization technology simultaneously analyzes: Detailed hardware, OS, Application middleware and Database Configurations; Workload patterns across CPU, Network IO, Disk IO, Memory and others; Non-technical/business/resource factors such as change windows, service... Read More

  6. Advanced System Management

    CA Advanced System Management centrally manages your multi-vendor virtual server and cluster technologies. It improves operational efficiency by adapting to changing business priorities in real time by allocating and reallocating system resources based upon set business policies ensuring IT investments are optimized. It also enables you to dynamically address changing business demands and manage the relationships between virtual and physical... Read More

  7. BalancePoint

    Akorri BalancePoint works with VMware VirtualCenter to map the relationships between virtual machines and the server/storage resources they are using. BalancePoint helps root cause and troubleshoot performance problems across servers and storage, and manage storage capacity. Features: BalancePoint for VMware - Visibility into storage performance and capacity for VMware. BalancePoint for Oracle & MS SQL - Maps database instances and... Read More

  8. GB-Ware Software Firewall

    GB-Ware Software Firewall offers flexibility in hardware configuration, plus the GB-OS System Software installed on your choice of IDE controlled storage devices (supports both hard disk drive or CompactFlash media). With the operating system integrated in the firewall software, the security risks normally inherent in operating systems are eliminated. No more concerns about hardening techniques or tracking new security risks... Read More

  9. TSAppCenter

    Terminal Services Application Center (TSAppCenter) is a solution for remote user management and remote application deployment. TSAppCenter works with terminal services to enable the creation of a specialized per user/group remote working environment. TSAppCenter adds file transfer capabilities to terminal services. TSAppCenter lets you synchronize contents of server and client directories. TSAppCenter lets you create specialized server logon scripts for... Read More

  10. PowerFuse

    Using PowerFuse, administrators can manage all Windows desktops (including Microsoft and Citrix thin-clients). In server based computing environments, PowerFuse can optimize and allocate RAM as well as control CPU speeds (throttling). PowerFuse allows the administrator to configure all Windows desktops by Active Directory Organizational Unit, custom groups, geography or department. PowerFuse organizes and customizes all user environments by centralizing and... Read More

  11. AppSense Environment Manager

    By defining computer and user policies through a centralized interface, Administrators are able to deliver tailored server and desktop environments no matter where users log on from. Both computer and user policies are enforced using the AppSense self-healing mechanism, which prevents users from making critical changes to server or desktop settings Administrators can also dynamically remove unwanted application features to... Read More

  12. HOBLink JWT

    HOBLink JWT is a platform-independent, Java-based solution for accessing MS Windows Terminal Servers. It makes data in Windows-based applications available to all users, regardless of the type of hardware or operating system they are using. HOBLink JWT is a solution for accessing WTS: Central installation and administration through Java technology. With HOBLink JWT, you also get true load balancing which... Read More

  13. Centrify DirectControl

    Centrify DirectControl extends Microsoft Active Directory's identity management, access control and Group Policy services to Unix, Linux, Java and web platforms. DirectControl turns Unix/Linux systems into Active Directory clients, enabling you to move to a single point of administration, establish single sign-on, and apply global password and other security policies. DirectControl is the only solution that can integrate multiple Unix/Linux... Read More

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