Readers' Choice Awards Yearly Round Up 2011

by The Editor [Published on 3 May 2012 / Last Updated on 26 March 2013]

The winning solutions for the 2011 Readers' Choice awards.

Last year conducted a number of Readers' Choice Award contests to find out which products most administrators recommended. A variety of different products were listed on the site and visitors had a chance to cast their vote for their favorite products.

Throughout the year there were hundreds of responses for the various third party solutions for virtualization environments that people preferred. The following results are taken from over 500 respondents. Listed below are the top choices for each category and also the schedule for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

P2V & V2V Conversions - November 2011

vCenter Converter

1st VMware vCenter Converter 62%
2nd Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Virtual Edition 13%
3rd PlateSpin Migrate 6%

See the full results of the P2V & V2V Conversions category.

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Security - September 2011

VMware vShield App

1st VMware vShield App 56%
2nd Catbird V-Security 13%
2nd Check Point VPN-VE 13%
3rd NetWrix Change Reporter for VMware 6%

See the full results of the Security category.

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Hypervisors - July 2011

VMware ESX

1st VMware ESX 54%
2nd Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V 27%
3rd Citrix XenServer 15%

See the full results of the Hypervisors category.

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Application Servers - May 2011


1st 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services 33%
2nd TerminalRDP 19%
3rd Quest vWorkspace (Enterprise Edition) 9%

See the full results of the Application Servers category.

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Backup & Recovery - March 2011

Backup & Recovery Server

1st Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Virtual Edition 28%
2nd CA ARCserve Backup 13%
3rd Quest vReplicator 12%

See the full results of the Backup & Recovery category.

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Monitoring Management & Performance - January 2011

vCenter Configuration Manager

1st VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 31%
2nd Quest vFoglight 20%
3rd eG VM Monitor 11%

See the full results of the Monitoring Management & Performance category.

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2012 Readers' Choice Awards

Even more awards will be given out during 2012. Visitors to will once again have the opportunity to vote for their preferred products by submitting their votes for the Readers' Choice Award poll in the site's left-hand bar. Below is a list of the Readers' Choice categories and the month that visitors can submit their votes.

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