Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Tips

Last Updated on 2 June 2015, Total: 21 Knowledge Base Tips

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  1. Validating to be clustered Hosts in VMM

    Tip explains use of Test-SCVMHostCluster... Read More

  2. Quickly get Library Shares created on a VMM Server

    Tip explains how you can use GetSCLibraryShare PowerShell cmdlet to get library shares from VMM Server... Read More

  3. Display VM Templates stored in a VMM Library

    Tip explains use of Get-SCVMTemplate PowerShell cmdlet... Read More

  4. How to Quickly Backup VMM Server Database

    Tip explains use of Backup-SCVMMServer PowerShell cmdlet to backup SCVMM database... Read More

  5. Check if VMM Server is using Local or Remote SQL Database

    Tip shows how you can check if VMM Server is configured to use local or remote SQL Database for storing VMM configuration... Read More

  6. Restoring VMM Database from a Backup

    Tip explains use of SCVMMRecover.exe to restore SCVMM database... Read More

  7. What Network Ports Are Used by VMM to Communicate with the Hyper-V Host?

    Tip explains network ports used by the VMM to communicate with a Hyper-V Host... Read More

  8. Increasing Time Out Value for a Live Migration Job in VMM

    Tip explains how to extend the Time Out value for a Live Migration Job in VMM... Read More

  9. Important Ports for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008

    This tip contains a listing of the important ports you need to consider opening when you deploy SCVMM... Read More

  10. Copying SCVMM content between libraries

    Tip on how to replicate SCVMM library contents... Read More

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