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Last Updated on 2 April 2013, Total: 6 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. What are the latest Hotfixes for Hyper-V

    Looking for the latest hotfixes for Hyper-V and if they apply to RTM or SP2, here is the place to go... Read More

  2. What to do when you get a Stop 0x0000001A Error Message

    This tip helps you resolve a Hyper-V error with a random restart with Stop Error 0x0000001A... Read More

  3. Improving Performance - Antivirus Exclusions on Hyper-V

    Antivirus software can significantly degrade performance on a Hyper-V host. Using these exclusions in you antivirus software can help solve the problem... Read More

  4. Using Hyper-V on a 6-Core Intel processor

    Are you looking to buy Intel's new 6-core processor based servers and run Hyper-V on them, then you need this hotfix... Read More

  5. Disabling Time Sync in a VM

    By default when you install the Integration Services/Components you get time synchronization with the host OS, here is how to disable ongoing time synchronization... Read More

  6. Running Windows NT 4.0 under Hyper-V

    Running Windows NT 4.0 is unsupported, but here is a trick to get it to perform well... Read More

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