Use Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V as your workstation

by Robert Larson [Published on 15 Oct. 2008 / Last Updated on 27 March 2013]

Want to use Windows Server 2008 as your daily machine but also want it to look and act more like Vista x64, try out this tool available from a 3rd party to help you configure all the right options.

If you are like me and use Hyper-V many times a day, dual booting is really not an option. You could also boot a Vista VM and use that as your prime UI, but if you are memory limited on your notebook or desktop that is not a great option either.

Using Windows Server 2008 as your primary desktop is an option and you can make it provide a Vista-like UI. While you can do like I did and figure it all out on your own, there is a nice little tool that can help you enable and configure all the options for you at Go check it out.

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