Use Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V as your workstation

by Robert Larson [Published on 15 Oct. 2008 / Last Updated on 27 March 2013]

Want to use Windows Server 2008 as your daily machine but also want it to look and act more like Vista x64, try out this tool available from a 3rd party to help you configure all the right options.

If you are like me and use Hyper-V many times a day, dual booting is really not an option. You could also boot a Vista VM and use that as your prime UI, but if you are memory limited on your notebook or desktop that is not a great option either.

Using Windows Server 2008 as your primary desktop is an option and you can make it provide a Vista-like UI. While you can do like I did and figure it all out on your own, there is a nice little tool that can help you enable and configure all the options for you at Go check it out.

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The Author — Robert Larson

Robert Larson is the co-author of the Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Resource Kit, and the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Resource kit, both published by Microsoft Press. Robert has over 20 years experience in the engineering and IT field. Currently an architect with Microsoft Consulting Services, Robert focuses on helping customers design and deploy optimized data center and server infrastructures using physical and virtual approaches. Robert has been working with various virtualization technologies for over 4 years and is a regular speaker at Microsoft TechEd conferences in the US and Europe on the Microsoft virtualization stack. Robert has also written whitepapers and delivered webcasts on virtualization technologies. You can visit Robert's blog

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