Last Updated on 27 March 2013, Total: 15 Knowledge Base Tips

  1. How to Manage Free Hyper-V on the Console

    Learn how to manage free Hyper-V at the console with a free tool... Read More

  2. Mounting VHD Files with DiskPart

    Among its many uses DiskPart can be used to mount VHD files just as if they were physical hard disk. This tip shows you how to do this... Read More

  3. Switching a VM to Full Screen

    Here is how to put a VM into Full Screen mode and toggle it back into regular view... Read More

  4. Hyper-V Command Line Management Tools

    Hyper-V doesn’t include much ability to manage itself via the command-line out of the box. Here is a PowerShell resource which will give you more command line flexibility... Read More

  5. Performing Windows Updates on Offline Hyper-V Virtual Machines

    If you manage an environment in which you are often deploying virtual machines based upon saved VHD files then the ability to perform Windows updates on base VHDs while offline is something that can make your life much easier... Read More

  6. Using HVRemote to Automate Hyper-V Management

    HVRemote is a script released by Microsoft employee John Howard that greatly eases the remote administration of Hyper-V... Read More

  7. RSAT tools for Hyper-V R2

    Need remote administration tools for managing Hyper-V R2 from Windows 7?... Read More

  8. Import a VM changes in R2

    In Hyper-V R2, the import wizard has changed to add new functionality... Read More

  9. Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar

    In this quick tip I introduce you to the Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for use in the Windows Sidebar... Read More

  10. Configuring Time Synchronization in Hyper-V

    Time synchronization functions pretty simply in Hyper-V, but there are a few scenarios where you may want to modify this behavior... Read More

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