Removing VMWare Remnants from the Registry

by Chris Sanders [Published on 9 Nov. 2011 / Last Updated on 28 March 2013]

In the event that VMWare components have to be removed or reinstalled from your system you may need to go to an additional step to remove its remnants from the registry. This tip provides some resource for doing that.

Uninstalling and reinstalling software is a common practice when performing troubleshooting actions. I’ve run into a few situations where I’ve had to do this with various VMWare products with little success. The issue I seemed to run into was that the uninstaller didn’t actually remove all of the VMWare remnants from the registry which meant that my troubleshooting process was flawed. At the time this originally happened I was able to go through the registry manually (a very painstaking process) and get the remnants removed. Luckily, VMWare now provides a quick guide to help with this process and even a script that will automate it. You can download the script and review their documentation on the issue a:

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