Enable debug logging for RDS deployments (RDMS) in Windows Server 2012

by Freek Berson [Published on 4 July 2012 / Last Updated on 26 March 2013]

This tip shows you how to configure debugging for RDMS deployments in Windows Server 2012

In case of troubleshooting an issue with Scenario Based deployment or Collection Creation with RDS in Windows Server 2012, RDMS UI Logs should be enabled. They can be enabled by using Event Viewer and adding a SYSTEM environment variable to the server running the Remote Desktop Management Service console plugin.

To do so:

- Open an administrative command prompt, create a system environmentvariable "RDMSUI_TRACING" and set it to 1.

- Next open Server Manager from the same command prompt

- Then open the Event Viewer, click View in the Menu Bar, and then click Show Analytic and Debug Logs.

- Now navigate to the path: Applications and Services Logs \ Microsoft \ Windows \ RDMS-UI \ Debug and select debuglog and then select "Enable Log".

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