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  1. Getting Last Logon Time for Office 365 Mailboxes

    Tip explains how to get Last Logon Time for Office 365 Mailboxes... Read More

  2. Quick and Easy Way to Connect to Office 365 Exchange Online Service

    Tip explains how to connect to Office 365 Exchange Online Service... Read More

  3. How to Update Hyper-V VM Configuration Version?

    Tip explains two methods you can use to update Hyper-V VM Configuration Versions... Read More

  4. Quickly Get VM Configuration Versions from Virtual Machines running on Hyper-V

    Tip explains how to get VM configuration version from VMs running on Hyper-V... Read More

  5. Two ways to get Unlicensed Office 365 Users

    Tip explains how to get Unlicensed Office 365 users... Read More

  6. Minimum Virtual Machine Configuration Versions to use new Hyper-V Features

    Tip explains minimum VM configuration version requirements before you can use new Hyper-V features introduced in Windows Server 2016... Read More

  7. Quickly Create a User in Office 365

    Tip explains how to create a User in Office 365 using command line... Read More

  8. Getting a List of In Cloud Office 365 Users

    Tip explains how to get a list of users that are In Cloud users... Read More

  9. How to Check MFA Status for an Office 365 User?

    Tip explains how to check MFA status for an Office 365 user... Read More

  10. Is Microsoft going to change Hyper-V Virtual Machine Configuration File Extension?

    Tip explains the new file format used by the upcoming release of Windows Server 2016 for virtual machines... Read More

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