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  1. How to know Hyper-V Host Name of a Virtual Machine

    Tip explains how you can know Hyper-V Host name of a Virtual Machine... Read More

  2. Bypass Proxy Server for a Primary Hyper-V Server

    Tip explains how to bypass Proxy Server to allow Hyper-V Primary and Replica Servers to communicate successfully... Read More

  3. How to Configure Auto Resynchronization in Hyper-V Replica

    Tip explains use of Set-VMReplication to enable Auto Resynchronization in Hyper-V Replica environment... Read More

  4. How Can I Modify Replication Settings for a Hyper-V Virtual Machine?

    Tip explains the use of Set-VMReplication PowerShell cmdlet to modify replication settings for a virtual machine... Read More

  5. Importing Initial Replication Files for a Hyper-V Replica VM

    Tip explains how you can import initial replication files for a Hyper-V Replica VM... Read More

  6. Limit or Increase Parallel Operations in Hyper-V Replica

    Tip explains a registry entry that you can set on Hyper-V Replica server that help you limit or increase the parallel write operations to the Replica VHD files... Read More

  7. Enabling/Disabling Integration Services using Command Line

    Tip explains how you can disable/enable one or more Hyper-V Integration Services using Command line... Read More

  8. Testing a Virtual Hard Disk for any problems

    Tip explains use of Test-VHD PowerShell cmdlet... Read More

  9. How to know if a Windows Virtual Machine is Running on VMWare or Hyper-V?

    Tip explains a method that you can use to identify the Virtualization Platform for a Windows virtual machine... Read More

  10. Resetting Resource Metering Function for a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

    Tip explains how you can reset Resource Metering Function for a Hyper-V Virtual Machine... Read More

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