EzSANFiler XD Series

Last Updated on 21 Nov. 2014, Company: Celeros

EzSANFiler XD Series is the fusion of EzSAN XL Series and EzNAS XN Series functionality in an integrated all in one system that allows you to centralize and consolidate your storage in one platform and use the same storage pool to provide block level storage to databases, email servers,… as well as file sharing services within the same platform.

EzSANFiler XD Series not only supports iSCSI SAN natively, it is also capable of supporting Fibre Channel SAN functionality and a variety of Network File Services such as Microsoft CIFS (SMB), NFS (Linux, Unix, MacOSX), AppleTalk, FTP and SecureFTP in a single appliance. XD series is one unified storage appliance that brings together SAS, SATA, SAN, NAS, and Backup technologies in one single system.

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