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A comprehensive directory of all storage servers that have been certified to work with a virtualization environment

  1. Axiom 600

    Pillar Axiom is an Application-Aware Storage system. It differentiates services based on application priority—allowing users to match multiple application characteristics to the appropriate service levels within a single storage platform. Axiom, driven by its policy-based management capabilities, integrates SAN and NAS and multiple drive types into a centrally managed platform that consolidates multiple tiers of enterprise network storage into a... Read More

  2. Stratus ftServer Systems

    The Stratus ftServer family, designed for 99.999% and greater uptime, brings you the flexibility of continuous availability for any business setting. Powered by Intel Xeon processors, Stratus' fault-tolerant servers eliminate the operational complexity and high costs inherent in other high-availability approaches such as clusters. The entire ftServer line brings high levels of uptime protection to a range of enterprise operating... Read More

  3. 3945N RAID

    Storageflex 3945N RAID is an iSCSI and NAS Storage Subsystem. The system is designed for use in mission-critical fail-safe environments, but flexible enough to provide a spectrum of solutions. 3945N iSCSI & NAS Systems are available in 1U, 2U, 3U and 5U 24 Hot Swap SAS or SATA2 Drive Bays with internal capacity of 7.2TB of SAS or 24TB of... Read More

  4. Isilon IQ Series

    Isilon's clustered storage architecture was designed and developed to specifically address the needs of storing, managing and accessing unstructured data and digital content. Isilon's IQ line of clustered storage products enable businesses to create a single, shared pool of storage that can modularly scale to more than 1.6 Petabytes of capacity and deliver data throughput of 10 gigabytes per second... Read More

  5. DXi Series

    The DXi Series disk-based backup appliances use Quantum's data de-duplication technology to increase the amount of backup data users can retain on disk by 10 to 50 times. DXi solutions provide backup and restore and they make WAN replication a practical, cost-effective part of disaster recovery planning. The DXi series appliances are part of Quantum's set of backup solutions, supported... Read More

  6. StorStac

    Server and Storage Consolidation solutions from Intransa are: 1/3rd the price of FC SAN with comparable performance and reliability; All IP 10Gb solutions Microsoft certified for up to 11,000 users; VMware certified configurations for server & storage consolidation projects; Advanced DynaStac thin provisioning for optimum storage utilization and performance; Start as small as 4TB, yet grow as your needs change... Read More

  7. Universal Storage Platform VM

    The Universal Storage Platform VM, powered by the Hitachi Universal Star Network crossbar switch architecture, delivers controller-based virtualization, logical partitioning and universal replication for open systems and mainframe environments in a rack mounted storage services platform. The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM packages and delivers services such as: Virtualization of storage from Hitachi and other vendors into one pool; Thin... Read More

  8. Spitfire StoreSafe Storage Security Server

    Spitfire StoreSafe Enterprise Storage Security Server protects corporate and user persistence/storage data by strong encryption and patented watermarking technologies from confidential information disclosure and unauthorized tampering. Addressing security and corporate governance compliance requirements including GLB Act, SOX and Personal Privacy Ordinance, etc, Spitfire StoreSafe Storage Security Server is designed to transparently protect real-time DAS, NAS and SAN storage data on-the-fly... Read More

  9. XD Series

    EzSANFiler XD Series is the fusion of EzSAN XL Series and EzNAS XN Series functionality in an integrated all in one system that allows you to centralize and consolidate your storage in one platform and use the same storage pool to provide block level storage to databases, email servers,… as well as file sharing services within the same platform. EzSANFiler... Read More

  10. Data Domain DDX Array

    The Data Domain DDX Array deduplication storage array provides high throughput, capacity and scalability to meet the growing demands of data centers with large nearline storage requirements and/or multiple remote site protection requirements. Data Domain DDX Series, DD4xx and DD5xx series Enterprise Protection Storage systems are optimized for disk backup and network based disaster recovery (DR)... Read More

  11. Adaptec Snap Servers

    The Adaptec Snap Servers are compatible with Windows, Linux, and VMware, delivering storage that can be flexibly allocated via an IP SAN to application servers such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle while they are up and running. They support SAS drives in capacities from 1.2TB to 34.2TB. Boot diskless servers over the IP SAN. For Windows servers, HA... Read More

  12. 3PAR InServ Storage Server

    With its clustered, load balanced and modular design, the 3PAR InServ Storage Server delivers availability, scalability and simplicity. 3PAR InServ Storage Servers utilize the 3PAR InSpire Architecture to deliver a tiered-storage array for open systems. Central to the design is a high-bandwidth, low-latency backplane that unifies cost-effective, highly modular and upgradable components into a highly available, fully and automatically load-balanced... Read More

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