What are the inherent benefits of virtualization?

by The Editor [Published on 2 June 2008 / Last Updated on 2 June 2008]

A description of what the benefits of virtualization are and how virtualization can be advantageous to a business.

There are some well accepted and inherit benefits to using Virtualization. Here are some of them:

  • Reduce the number of physical servers
  • Reduce the infrastructure needed for your data center (power, cooling, battery backup, network switch ports, KVM ports and space)
  • Reduce administrative overhead because servers can be administered from a single console
  • Ability to bring up new servers quickly (it could take days or weeks to put in a new physical server but it could take just a few minutes to create a new virtual server from a template)
  • Hardware Independence of virtual servers – a virtual server can run on any host server, regardless of the host hardware
  • Because of hardware independence, you receive reduce your disaster recovery cost, complexity, and recovery time
  • A “greener” datacenter & server environment due to the consolidation
  • Overall, lower TCO of servers

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