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The News Section contains the latest news about Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix. Find out about new thin client terminals, learn about freeware SBC tools and applications. Updates on the newest versions of the RDP and ICA protocols, reports on all you need to know about server based computing and related technologies.

  1. Citrix XenDesktop 7 Announced

    During Citrix Synergy, what was Project Excalibur was announced as XenDesktop 7... Read More

  2. Citrix introduces Worx Apps

    At Citrix Synergy last week, the focus was clearly on mobility and how virtualization technologies can help achieve enterprise mobility. One of the cool things introduced/demos was Worx Apps... Read More

  3. Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica Resynchronization Explained

    Hyper-V Replica provides protection to VMs by tracking and replicating changes to the virtual hard disks (VHDs) of the VM. Hyper-V Replica runs 24 hours, 365 days in a year; for any VM that has been enabled for replication it ensures that the data on the primary site and the Replica site are kept as closely in sync as supported... Read More

  4. Whitepaper: Microsoft RD Gateway 2012 Capacity Planning

    In Windows Server 2012, Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) enables authorized remote users to connect to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) accessible resources on the corporate network, from any Internet-connected RDP client that supports RD Gateway. This whitepaper details how to architect RD Gateway to adequately meet capacity... Read More

  5. Free Tool: App-V Virtual Environment Launcher

    Sometimes it is necessary to launch a process within an App-V virtual application environment. This is a big help with troubleshooting processes. To make this process easier a free tool that uses PowerShell is now available... Read More

  6. ThinKiosk 4.0 Preview

    I'm a big fan of ThinKiosk and the feature set keeps getting better and better. The preview of version 4.0 looks promising... Read More

  7. VMware - limiting VM IOPs

    Storage performance is important for VMs. Not letting one VM hog all the storage performance is important to maintain a consistent experience for all. This article will show you how to accomplish this in a VMware enviroment... Read More

  8. Whitepaper: VMware VMFS Deep Dive

  9. Free Tool: HotLink EC2 plug-in for Microsoft SCVMM

    HotLink has released a free tool that can extend on-premise virtualization management infrastructure to public cloud resources like Amazon EC2. Hotlink Hybrid Express abstracts public cloud platforms and workloads so on-premise management consoles treat them just like on-premise hosts and virtual machines — fully integrated and managed as a unified pool of resources without the need for a separate management... Read More

  10. VDI and Windows 8 Performance

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