General Virtualization Articles

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General Virtualiazation articles and tutorials

  1. An Introduction to OS Virtualization (Part 2)

    Introducing the Operating System Virtualization space; advantages and disadvantages... Read More

  2. Determining Guest OS Placement (Part 1)

    Why virtual server placement is something of an art form, and how to go about matching virtual server resource requirements with the physical resources that are available... Read More

  3. An Introduction to OS Virtualization (Part 1)

    An introduction to the Operating System Virtualization field... Read More

  4. High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Virtual Environments

    Virtualization is increasingly being used by IT departments for server consolidation and testing purposes. Virtual servers offer flexibility, but if a single physical server containing multiple virtual servers fails, then the impact of data loss is enormous... Read More

  5. Server Virtualization Assessment using Microsoft Assessment and Planning 3.1 Toolkit (Part 1)

    A high-level overview of a server virtualization assessment and the type of data that you need to collect in order to perform such an assessment... Read More

  6. Can Terminal Services be considered Virtualization?

    We will explore whether Terminal Services can rightly fall under the “Virtualization” umbrella... Read More

  7. Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Resource Kit Chapter 7: Best Practices for Configuration and Performance Tuning

    A exclusive! This chapter extract from the Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Resource Kit provides recommendations and best practices to configure a Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Release 2 (R2) Service Pack 1 (SP1) host and virtual machines to optimize performance... Read More

  8. To Virtualize or Not To Virtualize with SBC

    The types of virtualization which exist for an SBC infrastructure... Read More

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