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General Virtualiazation articles and tutorials

  1. Taking Control of VM Sprawl (Part 5)

    This article continues the discussion of getting a handle on VM sprawl by examining PowerShell based VM tracking techniques... Read More

  2. Creating VLAN Pools and Layer 2 Bridge Domains in Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

    Are you familiar with Cisco UCS and creating service profiles? Well, Cisco ACI is similar in that we can create a bunch of pools for later use within an Application Network Profile... Read More

  3. Taking Control of VM Sprawl (Part 4)

    This article continues the discussion of virtual machine sprawl by looking at strategies for determining whether or not a virtual machine has been abandoned... Read More

  4. Cisco ACI – Attachable Access Entity Profiles

    In this article I will go through the steps to follow to create an AEP that will allow you to integrate a VMM domain using VMware vCenter... Read More

  5. Taking Control of VM Sprawl (Part 3)

    This article continues the discussion by examining some strategies for getting a handle on your virtual machine inventory... Read More

  6. Cisco ACI - Switch Profiles and Interface Policies

    I’ve talked about several beginning steps to get going on Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. I’m going to get to some configuration details after the fabric is up. One of the first things we do is build a switch profile and interface policies to be used later, in a repeatable fashion for quick configuration... Read More

  7. Configuring virtual machines using PowerShell

    This article demonstrates how you can use Windows PowerShell to configure virtual machines on Hyper-V hosts running Windows Server 2012 or later... Read More

  8. Taking Control of VM Sprawl (Part 2)

    This article continues the discussion of VM Sprawl by mapping out some strategies for the cleanup process... Read More

  9. Taking Control of VM Sprawl (Part 1)

    This article series discusses strategies for coping with and preventing virtual machine sprawl... Read More

  10. Cisco ACI - Setting Up Your First APIC

    This article looks at setting up your first APIC... Read More

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