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Virtualization Articles and Tutorials including topics on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Citrix XenSource, Application Virtualization, and more.

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Latest Articles and Tutorials

  • Hyper-V optimization tips (Part 6): Network performance - DCB 18 Jan. 2017 Mitch Tulloch

    This article examines data center bridging (DCB) and Hyper-V networking performance.

  • Deep Dive Into Office 365 PowerShell Cmdlets (Part 7) 11 Jan. 2017 Nirmal Sharma

    As explained in the part 6 of this article series, Office 365 provides various user roles which you can use to manage different aspects of an Office 365 Tenant. For example, the members of Company Administrator role can manage almost every aspect of an Office 365 Tenant. Similarly, the User Management Administrator role is designed to manage users in Office 365 Tenant. Members of User Management Administrator user role can manage user accounts, reset passwords, monitor Office 365 services health, and manage user groups and service requests. You may not want to put your business at risk by adding unnecessary people to these Office 365 user roles. We explained that by using Get-MsolUser PowerShell with Get MsolUserRole you can get a list of users that are added to each admin role.

  • Hyper-V and Storage Replicas 3 Jan. 2017 Brien M. Posey

    This article explains how Microsoft’s new storage replication feature can help to improve an organization’s disaster recovery capabilities.

  • Hyper-V Optimization Tips (Part 5) 13 Dec. 2016 Mitch Tulloch

    This article examines the impact of power plans on Hyper-V performance.

  • Product Review: SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 7.0 8 Dec. 2016 Brien M. Posey

    In this article the author reviews SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 7.0.

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